"Bad Brains are one of my favorite bands. Sailin' On was the opening track on their 1982 self titled album and the first song I ever heard from them. I'm really happy we used this one to start the EP. Dr. Know is a great guitar player and his no rules approach has inspired me for years. Recording this song, for me was a great way to say thanks and pay tribute to a truly original band that paved the way for more great music than most people realize." - Christian Martucci

"I've been an Iron Maiden fan my whole life. From the first album to this latest one, I can safely say they are one of my favorite bands and biggest influences. 'Running Free' has a spirit and a musical display that is a little punk, a little metal and a whole lot of attitude- everything I love about Maiden in a nutshell. Hope everyone digs it- UP THE IRONS!" - Corey Taylor

"As a kid growing up, the weekend mornings would always be filled with loud sounds of violins, horns, and timpani drums as my father would blast his huge collection of classical music albums. Then when I would be at my friends house, I'd hear the faint sounds of this beautiful, soulful voice eerily singing over these over driven instruments and rhythmic beats - so different than anything I'd heard before. That song would change music for me forever. It was the Rolling Stones - Gimme Shelter. That's why Gimme Shelter was my choice to record. It made everything musical for me come full circle." - Johny Chow

"When we decided to record more cover songs for “Straight Outta Burbank”, it was a no brainer for me to pick a Motley Crue song. After all, their music has been part of the soundtrack to my life through both good times and bad times. I’ve been a Crue fan since I was 8 years-old; my uncle introduced me to them. I remember looking at the inside record sleeve for “Too Fast For Love” and being mesmerized by the black and white photo of them with the smoke, candles and pentagram banner; the music had a rawness and attitude I had not heard. I loved everything about it." - Josh Rand

"Seasons In The Abyss definitely made an impact on me and many others when it was released, and it still does today. It's dark, moody, driving, melodic and aggressive vibes are all rolled into one. This is by far my favorite Slayer song of all time. Absolutely epic!" - Roy Mayorga

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